All in a day’s work

Morning. I’ve dropped the girls off at school. I get to work, using the side gate into the site. A magical winter wonderland scene : deer tracks in the snow, no other sign of life. Trees eerily quiet on either side of me as I make the first footsteps in the powdery snow. I’m pretty much the first one at the office, as I live within walking distance… (I know, luxury in any weather.) Work.

Lunchtime. I decide to pop back home quickly to fetch the camera. Spend ten minutes taking more pictures of our garden. Had taken some this morning but it was with a flash and it was snowing (quite fun photos actually, might do for next year’s home made Christmas card…) Get back to the office and take loads of pictures of the park. The light is beautiful, there is plenty of sunshine, but not the harsh light you sometimes get with snow. Work.

Afternoon. A robin just outside my window makes me reach for the camera again. It’s Christmas-card perfect, feathers puffed out to protect it from the cold, perched on a snowy branch. There are usually blue tits out there too, but today I saw a wren instead. Carry on working.

Walk to the girls’ school and pick them up from after-school activities a bit earlier than usual, so that we can all avoid freezing too much, as the temperature drops quickly after the sun sets. Make a detour on my way out from my office to take more photos of the park. It’s quite dark already, although the days are getting a little longer now. Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue wafts from the piano in the foyer of our conference centre. It is being played by two physicists, who like to give short concerts on such occasions as the Christmas staff do and they are rehearsing this year’s piece. I’m pretty sure they could both make a living from piano playing equally well as from researching gravitational waves and what have you…

Some days are good.

Sorry, just wanted to gloat.

2 thoughts on “All in a day’s work”

  1. Hi it's Cassie! So you're already thinking about Christmas… But enjoy 2010 first! Mum would like to say she doesn't have to bring me to school but with the snow…


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