In praise of my Kindle

I do love my new toy (thank you again, Richard). Main plusses of my brand new e-book reader is that it’s easy to hold and read, a good size (I have the 6″ one) and illustrations are nice and sharp. Bypassing wifi with the wireless reading device is also very helpful (says she who comes from a household where the network used to play up, much to the despair of very IT-savvy hubbie… And before you ask, yes we’ve had all the wires changed from the nearest exchange right into our house after a variety of France Telecom engineers scratched their heads and ended up replacing the lot, unplugged everything and plugged it all back again in varying orders, we’re onto third Livebox. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the new all-singing all-dancing router seems to work.) It’s also very easy to start using, and, as with all things Amazon, far too easy to start buying…

Minor gripes in case anyone from Amazon is out there (and guys, you need to watch out, iSlate is coming), or indeed anyone considering purchasing one:

When is the colour version coming out? (colour for illustrations only is fine – I’m thinking of knitting patterns especially here…)
When is there going to be loads more content in lots of languages, not just in English?
When can I start buying ebooks via not .com, and therefore pay in euros and avoid “out of euro zone” charges?
Any chance of backlighting, to avoid using one of those naff clip-on lamps when you want to read in bed without keeping your beloved awake?

And it looks like the modern disease of poor proofreading is as prevalent on Kindle content as on printed material, but then I guess that’s not really a Kindle issue…

One thought on “In praise of my Kindle”

  1. Coucou Hélène! Enfin Vendredi, jour béni car fin de la semaine!!! Et oui, c'est toujours mieux le week end… Ouah! J'ai beau être dans les premiers de ma classe en anglais, j'ai dû utiliser un dico pour lire ton texte… Et encore! Si j'ai bien compris, Richard t'as offert un livre (pour Noël je suppose) avec des jolis illustrations et tu racontes l'histoire? Mais si oui, c'est quoi le titre du livre? A moins que ce soit Kindle parce que dans le dico, ça veux dire allumer, enflammer, s'enflammer… Excuse moi si je suis totalement à côté! Et tu disais que t'aimerais commander des livres par internet et tu aurais des e-livres, c'est à dire des livres en fichier sur l'ordi, non? Ce serait simpa, mais pas bon pour les yeux…
    Bon, sur ce, bisous


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