The joy of knitting

When I started this blog, I considered posting about not just books but also about knitting, which I love. I even had a naff name all ready for it: “Scribbles and yarns”. But I soon gave up the knitting side, intimidated by the high quality of the many knitting blogs I have seen. So I thought any old idiot could write about the books they have read with the hope that it might interest other like-minded bookish idiots…

As far as I can see, the only good that has come out of the fairly recent resurgence of knitting as a cool rather than a grandma-ish activity is that there are now even more wonderful yarns and  some great patterns to buy. Otherwise, do you really need daft titles like Stitch ‘n’ Bitch to sell knitting books? (Actually that particular  book by Debbie Stoller is rather good).
Deciding what to knit, how to adapt that perfect jumper that you want with no hood and a different stripe pattern for one of the girls, wondering whether that little scarf pattern might be a good way of using up left-over yarn (the answer always being no, it’s perfect to knit up three quarters of the scarf, which ends up being so sweet you just have to hunt for the missing yarn, which is no longer produced in the right colour, and so it goes on), is almost as fun as knitting. So I spend money and time on knitting books, a prelude to spending larger amounts of money on yarn and eons of time on actually knitting. But of course, spending too much time and money is a pre-requisite for any hobby.

One thought on “The joy of knitting”

  1. hi!!! Knitting might be a nice hobby… But I can't knit, poor am I!
    Sorry, I haven't understood a lot what you've writing because what I've understood said that you were a silly reader or something like this and I hope it's not that…


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