The joy of reading good books in a sunny garden

Having moved out to the burbs a couple of years ago, there is very little I miss about Paris a) because I go there quite often b) because there are so many things I enjoy here, like a garden. (By the way, for those of you who were anxious to hear the latest developments about the blue tits, they seem to have flown the nest – anyway, all is quiet, it’s been over a month since they hatched, and having checked their breeding habits on Wikipedia, they’ll have flown off by now.) So, the hammock and the loungers are out most days, and are extremely conducive to reading and/or a nap…
Of course, as I write, the weather has turned rainy and stormy (as forecast) but yesterday was glorious and so I disappeared in the hammock with my Kindle (which is perfect with its special whatever screen in strong light) and had a go at a review of Catcher in the Rye, which I bought by mistake instead of the novel itself.  It’s OK so I’ll probably finish it.
I also took with me La consolante by Anna Gavalda. I’m aware that it’s not meant to be her best effort, but I wanted to read it anyway and was just waiting for the smaller paperback to come out. (French bestsellers don’t tend to come out in big hardback format before the paperback version like in the UK. Instead, publishers bring out big paperbacks, before the small paperbacks which is perhaps marginally more environmentally friendly, but still annoying.) I haven’t started it yet. The sunshine filtering through the trees and the tweeting and chirping sent me to sleep before I picked it up…
I’m starting to get a little disappointed with the choice of ebooks availble on Kindle. After the initial euphoria, I am discovering that apart from the latest releases and past-the-copyright-date classics, there is really quite a limited choice. For instance, I’m listening to Daphne du Maurier’s Frenchman’s Creek on the radio at the moment, and thought I would get the book on Kindle, but no joy, even Rebecca isn’t available. Neither are any of the Salinger novels or the Harry Potter books. I wonder whether this is to do with rights issues or are down to publishers’ decisions or what. I still love the Kindle as object/concept but would love a little more choice of books, and of course, books in French too.
No hammock today, will  just have to read indoors.

One thought on “The joy of reading good books in a sunny garden”

  1. Hi Hélène! It's been a long time I haven't come here! And It's been a long time that you have post this message! Doesn't matter, I'm back!
    I understand, it seems good to read in the heat with the sun and the song of birds… Well, maybe not with the birds!
    Mum also enjoys her kindle. Did you see that it can be an english dictionary?!
    It's the holidays, and soon we'll meet in Re Island. I'm glad to! In Boulogne the sun is now shining a lot. I can finally put my light dresses, because school in finish, so i haven't got to be careful about what I wear!
    You don't miss Paris? That's good, because if you would you wouldn't be happy where you are and it'd be a shame!
    Sorry to be too much talkative.
    Have a nice week


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