What I read in December

Well, this may be a first but I don’t think I finished a book in December! Work, a cold and cough I refuse to call flu but that’s going on and on, Christmas-cum-surprise-40th-birthday-party-for-hubby preparations and a little knitting definitely got in the way of enjoying books. Oh and joining Facebook too…
I did read Coroner’s Pidgin by Margery Allingham in November, which I didn’t mention in the November post and I’m finishing Tiger in the Smoke by the same author. Of course, there are five days left in December so I may well yet finish a book this month after all…
I don’t know why I don’t love Margery Allingham as much as I should, given her Queen of Crime status, and the fact that she is mentioned alongside Dorothy L. Sayers, Agatha Christie, and the other greats of the golden period of crime writing by British female authors. I tried her books several years ago, looking forward to acquiring another favourite crime author, but was disappointed. When a friend lent me another two Campion books recently, I though I’d give her another try. I did race through Coroner’s Pidgin, the silly aristocratic lady being quite well done, and something about the prevailing atmosphere in war period described pretty well. But I am ploughing through Tiger in the Smoke, with its long “cour des miracles” bit. Even the good Uncle Avril and  the beautiful and  virtuous Meg don’t arouse my interest much. 
Something about Allingham’s writing style feels  a little dry to my mind and Albert Campion does not do it for me. Too understated and quiet, probably.

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