What I read in March 2011

L’immeuble Yacoubian de Alaa El Aswany. J’ai beaucoup aimé ce livre, tant par son style que par le coup de projecteur qu’il donne sur la société égyptienne contemporaine. Fascinant, et on se demande si El Aswany portera le même regard sur son pays dans quelques années, vu les événements récents.

Purge by Sofi Oksanen. I didn’t enjoy this as much as I felt I should have done. The story was a good one and the characters engaging, but a certain flatness in the narration put me off. I have come to the conclusion that I dislike the present tense in novels, as the same flatness struck me in other books written in the present. It’s probably a completely subjective thing, and I did enjoy quite a lot of the book, which talks about a country (Estonia) and an episode of history I know little about.

Emma turned 6 – Photo: Richard Wilkinson 

I re-read Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown, which I bought in a new edition. I was thrilled to discover that this was a longer version than the one I had read previously, as the book must have been abridged at some point. I just bought a new copy because my old one was very tatty and finding almost an extra chapter was a real bonus. Will re-read Golden Pavements and Maddy Alone again too, which I also bought again, but I suspect they will be the text I have read before because I have early editions of those. They are bringing out Blue Door Venture too, which I have pre-ordered. I live in hope they bring out Maddy Again, which is the only one of the series I haven’t read, and which is going for £250 on the second hand market. Also re-read Lone Pine London by Malcolm Saville, in the recent (but original, unabridged text, Girls Gone By Publishing edition.)

March was also the month I very nearly reconstituted my collection of Misty comics which got lent and not returned (grrr..) many years ago. Only one to go!
Oh, and wonderful hubby has bought me the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding pattern book by Fiona Goble, the ultimate in kitsch  memorabilia… Needless to say, all my other current knitting projects have been put to one side.

One thought on “What I read in March 2011”

  1. OK,OK, you've got a wonderful cascade of wisteria,no need to show off(–only joking,gorgeous photos–!)Am jealous as didn't have a camera recently to take a 360° OCEAN of bluebells in the Forêt Verte,(Bois Guillaume, Seine Maritime.)


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