Something knitted

Well, this has made it on another blog, so I guess I’d better post it here too.
It’s a knitted copy of a Hugh MacLeod drawing.

And here’s one I did later, to commemorate the marriage of HRH Prince William and Miss Katherine Middleton. It was meant to be a birthday present for my sister’s 2011 birthday (a few days before The Wedding) and it turned into a 2011 Christmas present. The delay was partly because it took so long, partly because daft Will and others took it in his head to get married in his Horse Guard ceremonial (red) togs, rather than his army blues, as confidently expected by those who have better taste than him, by which I mean Fiona Goble, who designed these knitted Royals.

I mean, I don’t want to labour the point, but I had in fact knitted William, Kate, Prince Harry and the Archbish (the absolute minimum so they could be legally married, as a friend put it) in time for my sister’s birthday, proudly texted her the picture, and THEN watched the ceremony with William in RED rather than the carefully sourced grey-blue yarn.

I would like to point out that I added several commoners to the official pattern, in addition to the bride: how could Ms Goble leave the bride’s sister out? In fairness, Miss Pippa was only revealed on the day, and no, I will not stoop to the level of those who decided that only her behind was revealed. But I have also included the bride’s father, mother and brother, to make sure this was a truly family occasion, and not just a Royal one, as I believe the marketing from Buckingham Palace went. (I won’t enter into the Republican rant mode here, as I am now writing in Diamond Jubilee year).

The perfectionist in me wanted to add the six bridesmaids and page boys, to replicate exactly the official photo, but my heart sank at the thought of the necessary scaling down to two levels of children size (toddlers and young children) of what were already tiny knitted pieces…

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