Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Unashamedly sentimental and why not

This was a very easy read, and I enjoyed it. It’s about a recently unemployed girl who becomes a non-medical carer/companion to a man who is paralysed from the neck down.

The sentimentality just stops short of being cheap because of the seriousness of the topic, which I feel is pretty well presented. I’m not sure the analysis of a tetraplegic man’s mindset is scientific or rigorous, but it’s certainly plausible and readable.

Of course, the heroine with her wacky dress sense is good fun, and the disabled hero is likeable despite his understandable crabbiness. But in a way, I found other characters more convincing: the male hero’s also male nurse, his mother whose tautness threatens to break her any moment, the female hero’s “Runner Man” boyfriend (who provides most of the humour in the book, bless him), her clever sister who was not quite clever enough to have avoided getting pregnant very young, her ex boss from the café, and even her parents, who are conventionally depicted as decent working class people.

I can’t go into the plot much without major spoilers, so I’ll just mention a couple of nice scenes: his friend’s wedding, her moving out from the parental home.

For me, this book had a sort of cozy feel which warmed me to it, even if it’s never going to satisfy the literati.

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