One Day by David Nicholls

Talkin’  bout my generation – in a romantic novel

This book is one of those I feel I need to justify, because it belongs firmly to the – gasp – chicklit category, also referred to in another review as a rom com. Right, so, it’s romantic. True, it’s got strong overtones of a Richard Curtis screenplay, so is hugely enjoyable.

What I think made it for me, is that it coincided within a year to my own story of studies then work. Although I only spent one year in a British University, and then lived and worked in the UK for a further five years (I was previously and have been since in France), I recognised the place and period ex-act-ly.

It is a physiological impossibility for me to fall for a character working in the male hero’s chosen field of business (strenuously avoiding a spoiler here, which is, in my book, the sin to end all sins in reviews) and I’m not quite as right-on militant as the female hero. These two small points aside, it is a story told in my world, for the six years I spent in the UK.

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