Homme/animal, de Vendettta Mathea & Co

“Homme Animal”, Vendetta Mathea & Co, extraits par la-manufacture

This was a contemporary ballet, presented, choreographed and partly danced by Vendetta Mathea. I saw it in the Centre Culturel Boris Vian in Les Ulis, near my home.
It was an hour long show, introduced by the choreographer, who also danced the very first and last parts. During the rest of the performance, she sat on one side, feet planted matron-like and yet at the same time watchful ballet mistress written all over her, while the three young dancers, did their human/animal stuff. Very effectively, I have to say. There were just a couple of sequences I would have cut out, and one or two musical changes too many for my liking. The performers did some animal squealing, calling, singing and grunting as they danced, but the star turn in this was Vendetta, who sort of gave additional rhythm and breathing with her animal vocal chords.
Link Barthomieux – Source: France Télévisions Culture Box
Of the three younger performers, one male dancer, Link Barthomieux, was really very good. Unfortunately, I have five names on the programme and there were four dancers, so I can’t be absolutely certain, but I think the others were Surya Berthomieux (Link’s sister) and Nicolas Garsault.
So I enjoyed the actual dancing too. The show ended with the choreographer doing a little more talking and inviting questions from the audience (she has a dance school somewhere in deepest Auvergne, so I guess that the in-your-face pedagogy comes naturally …)
In terms of pure enjoyment for my euros, I certainly got as much value for money from this show as from the Sylvie Guillem one at the Champs Elysées last week. Rock on, venues in Les Ulis!

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