Je suis preneuse de conseils sur les lectures à privilégier parmi les livres sur ma table de chevet qui attendent sagement d’être lus, et ceux qui font la queue sur mon Kindle.

Any advice on where my priorities should lie in catching up on reading the books currently queued up on my Kindle or languishing on my bedside table? 

Allons-y, ma liste de livres à lire :
So here goes, my TBR (to be read) list:

Paper books/Livres papier

La forêt des renards pendus – Arto Paasilinna
Je sais que je vais adorer, c’est typiquement un livre “valeur sûre” que je peux ajouter dans une valise sans hésitation sur le ratio plaisir de lecture/ecombrement-poids.

Changing Places – David Lodge
An early work, I believe. I started it, but didn’t quite find the Deaf Sentence, or Therapy vibes I enjoyed so much.

On Space and Time – various authors
I bet Alain Conne’s chapter will be stuffed with far too difficult maths, but I’ll be happy of I get 10% of it, and am looking forward to the others’, when I’m feeling non fictional.

Infinite in All Directions – Freeman J. Dyson
The author helpfully provided, in the foreword of a revised edition of a compilation of his lectures, an indication of where he’d predicted rightly and wrongly future science trends. If only he’d included them in footnotes throughout the text too. It’ so frustrating reading this insightful stuff and wondering whether it turned out to be helpful, after the sacrosanct scientific peer review process, or not.

Hasard et chaos – David Ruelle
This is a science popularisation book on Prof.  Ruelle’s (who is honorary professor where I work) chaos theory, which was first published in 1991.

Pays de neige – Yasunari Kawabata
Japanese stuff I think I will really enjoy, after my literary love affair with Yoko Ogawa.

Women and Christianity, volume 1 – Mary T. Malone
I have also purchased volume 3 and when I get round to it, will “source” volume 2 (it’s not a straightforward “buy”, being out of print). This is to give me ammunition during my increasingly frequent and strident feminist moments. I must be getting to that “difficult age for women”.

The Mathematician’s Brain – David Ruelle
Finished chapter four a while back. Hey, what’s that doing at the bottom of the pile? Ah yes, it’s a large hardback format. Oh, and I don’t want to show off, but it was given to me by the author – see above – when he saw that I had bought the French edition  (he is a French speaking Belgian-French national and I hadn’t realised that he had written it first in English).

E-books/E-livres (c’est comme ça qu’on dit?)

Civil to Strangers – Barbary Pym
I read the first of the novellas/short stories that make up this book. A delight. Can’t wait to tuck into the rest.

A Confederacy of Dunces – John Kennedy Toole
Started this last night. Looks promising.

Si Einstein m’était conté – Thibault Damour
I’ve not progressed beyond chapter one yet …

La carte et le territoire – Michel Houellebecq
J’avais pas mal aimé, mais pas absolument adoré, Les particules élémentaires. Je me demande si je ne classerais pas cet auteur dans la catégorie “trop français”.

The Etymologicon – Mark Forsyth
An easy-to-read, information-packed non-fiction book, Bill Bryson style. I’ve decided that this is the sort of book I want to write one day, sod the novel (the market is very overcrowded anyway). I know I wouldn’t make any money with nonfiction, but hey.

Samples donwloaded/Echantillons téléchargés

Eloge de l’amour – Alain Badiou
Une amie m’a parlé de ce livre et j’ai voulu en savoir plus, mais l’échantillon téléchargé sur mon Kindle ne m’a pas du tout avancée : j’y vois la moitié du texte sur la jaquette, le titre, la couverture et c’est à peu près tout, le tout avec des signes cabalistiques à la place des accents. Force est d’admettre que certains éditeurs français ont beaucoup de progrès à faire en matière de e-édition (et ne me branchez pas sur les prix qu’ils pratiquent : c’est uniquement parce que j’en voulais vraiment un exemplaire électronique que j’ai payé SEIZE euros pour Le rapport de Brodeck …)

Légende d’une vie – Stefan Zweig
Je compte sur un livre du genre Vingt-quatre heures dans la vie d’une femme, dont j’ai le souvenir qu’il m’avait bouleversée.

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