Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

I absolutely loved this book, recommended by a French friend, the Mary Wesley fan, so I now owe her some seriously good book recommendations, as she also introduced me to the Marriage Bureau series…

Plot: pretty thin – girls meet boys, some shit happens, life rolls on type of action.

Characters: nothing exceptional, ordinarily nice and nasty people, with a bit below or a bit above average talent.

Place: mostly New York, wearing her everyday skin, by day or night, sketched rather than carefully described.

Time: mostly 1938, rendered with allusions, rather than analysis.

Sum of those parts: wonderful

That’s about all I can say. Being a very fast and a correspondingly very forgetful reader, I can remember only one name, and it’s not the heroine’s, it’s Tinker’s. It’s great forgetting books. It means I can regularly re-read my Agatha Christies and cheerfully rediscover that it’s the doctor who did it. Only my best loved and too oft re-read Christies fall foul of this rule (Man in the Brown Suit, Murder on the Orient Express, A Murder is Announced). Sayers’s 12 Peter Wimsey novels, on the other hand, I know off by heart (but re-read with pleasure anyway) and Ngaio Marsh novels fall somewhere between the two, in the plot oblivion scales.

Even with no body in the library, I can also re-read and re-forget Rules of Civility, to my heart’s content. Hooray.

One thought on “Rules of Civility by Amor Towles”

  1. Thanks Helene sounds perfect. Just finished glass room, halfway through Richard Ford's magnificent Canada so before I hit fanny hill this will tiide me over! Having a great time in Seattlle and the surrounding islands!


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