Campaign blues

So, about this referendum. As I write, current polls suggest a strict fifty-fifty split. If these predictions endure, there will be nothing startling about the result, either way. In theory, this should kill dead the possibility of “shock results” being mentioned anywhere…


Lithograph of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa (image in the public domain)

In terms of the so-called campaigns, here is a quick summary of the coverage being inflicted on us right now: the headlines are clearly demonstrating that we can expect the ten plagues of Egypt AND a volcanic eruption of a magnitude not seen since the 19th century the minute that Britain leaves the EU – or remains in it.

Sanity has obviously flown out of all the political party windows and the media are providing the customary side show. We sigh, reflecting that some things never change. Then shake our heads thinking that “No, it’s really bad this time.” This post is me taking a deep breath and figuratively trying to blow away all this nonsense to collect my thoughts.

As far as I’m concerned, very briefly, it goes like this. As an institution designed and operated by human beings, the European Union is not perfect. Right. What organisation do you know has a clear vision now and for the future, executes its business flawlessly, has impeccable finances, a governance beyond reproach and operates in a general framework of rationality and mindfulness?

Imperfect though it may be, I do believe that the European Union has largely been a force for good in the nearly sixty years of its history. Clearly, the world has changed somewhat since the Treaty of Rome was signed, the end of the cold war being just one example. Our increasing awareness of how closely we are connected, regardless of geographic obstacles and the colour of our passport is another sea change. Being exhilarated or terrified by that connection doesn’t actually alter the fact that it exists.  This is where we need to stick to it and try harder together. With the tools we’ve got, here and now, and with the better ones we can craft in the future.


I just don’t see how it makes sense to leave a group to continue the journey.

2 thoughts on “Campaign blues”

  1. I don’t believe Britain will ever be part of Europe,not until the next ice-age provides an overland route anyway.


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